Rhodes and Marshall Meeting

While I plan to apply for the Fulbright next year and enjoyed listening to the panel of past winners at Global Engagement Day, I am also looking forward to applying for the Rhodes and Marshall scholarships, both of which provide study for students in the United Kingdom. Just as I had to do some soul searching and reflection to decide which Fulbright to apply for, I had to do a similar process for determining which types of master’s programs to apply for in the UK. However, that is not an easy decision. Fortunately, I was able to meet with a past Rhodes winner from OU to learn more about his process and studies, and to ask him questions about how his degree will fit into his career. Mubeen, the former student, studied anthropology while at Oxford, and also received a master’s in public policy at the relatively new Blavatnik School of Government. I found his choice interesting since he is now earning his medical doctorate, and he studied hard science. However, he said that his master’s degrees fit more into what he would like to do in the long term, involving studying and shaping how policy and medicine interact in our immensely complex healthcare system. He encouraged me to think more about what I would like to do in the long term, which I found very helpful, since it is difficult to think about the short-term benefits and effects of a master’s degree, as opposed to seeing it in the broader picture. Thankfully, his encouragement of reflection helped me think a lot more about what interests motivate me, how those might coalesce into a career, and which programs might help with that goal. I have not made a final decision as to degrees, but this meditation did help influence me to change my major to economics for my final year in undergrad, and it helped me realize my interest in understanding global economic trends and financial systems, as well as how economics and capitalism affect developing communities. Regardless of whether I win either award, I am incredibly thankful for the advice I received in this meeting, and excited to pursue study and work in these fields, either directly or indirectly, one day.


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